The Company

We are an Information Technology solution provider with deep focus on Business Application, Mobile solutions and Network Infrastructure. Combining long experience, comprehensive technical competence and extensive exploration of the latest technology, Navcore help client to achieve high-performance and successful businesses.

We provide comprehensive professional services such as Software development, System integration, Technology Audit, Performance Improvement, and Managed Service for system Application and Network Infrastructure. We also provide productized solutions such as: Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Solutions for Travel and Tourism industries, Access Control and Visitor Management, Network Performance Monitoring, Network Management system, as well as wide range products of mobile and multimedia application.

In providing professional service, we help client to plan, design, develop, test and integrate their Infrastructures and Application System as well as post implementation support while our product propose to help client to solve common issue in day to day business operation to improve productivity and profitability. In case they need specific function or feature, our products also have flexibility to be customized.

The Team

Our team brings together their long experiences from Leading Software Company, System Integrator, Service Providers and as well as leading telecommunication company. Our expertise is built on experiences in technology consulting, software engineering, system integration for wide range area such as Business Application System, Multimedia Application, Multimedia Service, IP/MPLS Network and Broadband Infrastructure. We combine these best experiences to help clients to leverage their existing assets, while introducing new technology for their goal with our unique approach.


Our vision is “To be recognized as an excellent IT solution provider and system integrator”, in order to provide service and comprehensive solution to client to line with competitive business environment.

Core Business and Target Market

Navcore has well standardized set of systems to deliver our service to our customer. It will assure the quality and excellence of our services, such as only using superior product form well recognized world class vendor. Combining our excellent experience and superior products from well recognized vendors around the globe, Navcore are specializing to play in broadband area as an excellent total solution provider. We are supplying equipment from our partner, help our client in designing their network, supporting them in technical thing and maintenance, help them to operate and manage their network and also provide consultancy to improve their network performance.

  • Enterprises
    Now, enterprises such as: Banking and Finance Company, Oil and Gas Company, and other enterprises such as Distribution Company, and Government institution need to modernize their IT and communication infrastructure to have more reliable, faster and more efficient facilities and compatible to their new application to support their business.
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
    The most important in tourism and travel industry is a distribution network. We come to serve this need. Our solution is supported by Advance reservation system that fully integrated to Airline, Leisure, Hotel, Isurance and Car and Shuttle. We provide connectivity of hundred more agent in thousand location in entire Indonesia.
  • Fixed and Mobile Operator
    Operators are still expanding their network due to their network capacity and coverage. We provide solution ans services for for Broadband Access Network, Radio transmission (PDH/SDH), optical transmission (SDH/Metro network) and IP/MPLS Backbone.
  • Network Provider and ISP
    Facing competitive situation in providing services, Network providers and ISPs need to upgrade their infrastructure in order to accommodate multi-service required by their costumer. With our experience and commitment, we will be happy to help them providing new services by managing more and more of the customers’ LANs and WANs, and Internet connections.